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Scarf Mohair

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Our scarfs and foulards are 70% Mohair and 30% wool.

Foulard: 18 x 170 cm

Scarf: 35 x 170 cm


The Mohair is the fiber which comes out of the Angora goat’s hair, this type of goats are originary from Tibet, reaching Turkey in the XVI century. It is believed it was Carlos V who introduced them into Europe for first time.

The Mohair diameter is from 23 microns in the first shearing to 38 microns for the oldest animals.

One of the most remarkable characteristics of the Mohair is its strong resistance; it is also one of the natural fibers with the highest elasticity and lowest tendency to wrinkle.

It is only the finest Mohair, the one coming out of the youngest goats, the most insulating, thin and straight, that we use to elaborate our final products.

We use only the most experienced hands capable to maintain the traditional crafts of wool washing, colouring and knitting to achieve these luxury products which Fox & del Olmo  presents you.


Wash your mohair clothes by hand and always using cold water (30ºC). Use neutral and hypoallergenic soaps. Immerse the garment and move it gently, without rubbing, and leave it for a few minutes and rinse well with plenty of cold water.

Drain the garment without twisting it, just do it by pressing the tissues. Place it on a clean towel and roll it up by squeezing gently so that the towel absorbs all the excess water that still retains the garment. Lay the piece of clothing horizontally, without using tweezers so that there are no marks, and always away from the sun's rays that could change its color.